Capital Campaign 2016-2017: Kailash Home New Education Center

The original buildings at Kailash Home were completed in 2007. They give our children a wonderful home in which they now live happily as part of the Kailash family. The primary focus in developing the original buildings was to provide good living accommodation to 100 children. As the children grew older we experienced a lack of space to support the children in their studies as well as space to practice the music, dance and community activities which are so much a part of Nepali culture.

To fulfill those needs, we need to implement the final phase of Kailash Home:

  • A gathering space for assembling all the children in one place at one time, whether for meals, lectures, concerts, indoor games or other community activities.
  • A dedicated learning center with quiet space and computers for senior students, tutors and counselors.

After several meetings at Kailash Home, the original plans for the new buildings were graciously drawn by the Genis.Soler Architects from Barcelona, Spain. Nepali architects and builders are in the process of submitting the plans to local authorities for building permission. We hope to start building in March 2017, with a planned completion date of November 2018.

Financial Details 

The addition of new buildings to Kailash Home required additional land. After 3 years of negotiations, we were able to purchase the necessary portion of land, adjacent to Kailash (see yellow outline).

Total Budget $745,000
Amount Raised $588,000
Amount Needed $156,000

Total budget of the Kailash Home extension including the land purchase is $745,000.

Money raised so far $298,000 for the land (already purchased) and $290,000 for the buildings, for a total of $588,000. We need to raise an additional $156,000 to achieve our goal. 

Kailash Home has already given so many children a new family, new happiness, and a new future. Our new buildings will allow us to focus even more on their education and transform them into young self supporting adults.

For all of them, Kailash Home will always be the place they call “home”. 

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