Student Spotlight: Sunita Tamang

Sunita Tamang is a 19 year old graduate of Kailash Home.  She recently received the Subject Achiever Award for the highest mark in English in the whole of Trinity College.  She is currently in her first year at university, working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in social work.

Sunita is also a great athlete!  In 2017, she ran the Everest Base Camp Marathon as part of the Kailash Home team.  She aspires to also become a basketball player and currently plays as a part of her college team.  She was selected to be part of the National Roll Ball team representing Nepal in Bangladesh.  Roll Ball is a newer sport played with skates and a basketball.



Sunita with the Team in Nepal (5th from left in the front row)


Sunita (second from R in the front row) with the Nepal Roll Ball Team before leaving for Bangladesh.

Congratulations Sunita! We can’t wait to follow your continued successes in the future!