Student Spotlight: Pema Gurung

In 2001, with open arms, we welcomed a 10 year old girl, named Pema Gurung to Kailash Home. She was an orphan from the Dolpa Disrict of Nepal. Dolpa is a very isolated part of the region; so isolated that in 2014, it still did not have any roads connecting it to the rest of the world.

Very early in life, Pema knew what she wanted to do. She always dreamed of bringing awareness about better health and nutrition, family planning, and more to the isolated villages she knew so well from her youth.

During her studies, Pema gave several presentations in community schools in the area.  She also volunteered to bring awareness to the children of Dolpa, teaching them about the nutrients of different foods.  Pema even addressed the issue of transmittable diseases and STDs to adult audiences.

In the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, Pema also joined one of the first groups venturing in the mountains to help victims.

After years at Kailash home, she graduated in July 2017 from Karnali College of Health & Sciences in Kathmandu with Bachelors Degree in Public Health (BPH).  Now, with her Bachelor Degree in hand, she is working to create a long term career.  Pema is a wonderful young lady, and we are so very proud of all she has accomplished and to know she calls Kailash her home.  Congratulations Pema!